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Why Brazilian Cherry?

General Characteristics
The species Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) is the most popular hardwood flooring import from Brazil to the USA. Brazilian Cherry, known for its hardness and durability, this exotic hardwood is a great choice in both residential and commercial installations. We offer only one superior quality grade (clear grade), in both prefinished and unfinished formats and several sizes.

Brazilian Cherry from South America has a brownish-red color. It darkens from a tan/salmon color to a deep, reddish brown and is 182% as hard as domestic Red Oak.

Questions to ask before making a decision

Question to ask before making a decision
Is this a high traffic area?
The finish and color will be affected by this. Darker colors tend to show traffic quicker, where as natural wood colors of oak and maple do not. High traffic areas need special attention when it come to recoating. Screening (light sanding) should be a part of the preventative maintenance program for your wood floors in these areas. Application of 1 or 2 coats as needed (every 6-18 months) is a good sound way to protect your investment.

Solid Wood vs. Laminate

This is a very general comparison between engineered hardwood flooring and laminate flooing to help you to better understand these floor groups. Please note, hardwood flooring comes in some many different species, finishes and construction types and that it is very difficult to place them all in one general category, so pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring is used for this comparison.
Hardwood Flooring
  • Wood floors are a natural, non-allergenic product
  • Hardwood floors can add real value to a home
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    Why Brazilian Cherry?
    Questions to ask before making a decision
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